FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction – is a method of extracting follicular units composed by 1-6 hairs from the scalp (occipital and parietal areas) or other parts of the body (like beard or chest) into areas which are thinning or balding. This extraction is an excision tool called punch. It can either be done using a manual or motorized punch. 


The occipital and parietal areas where the grafts are taken from form what is called the safe donor area in which the follicular units are not affected by androgenic alopecia (with some exceptions). Once the follicular unit is extracted a small scar will form in the area where the follicular unit was present. Normally, this scars are not visible when the hair is cut at 5-7 millimeters

Dr Turan performs the consultation and design, and he implants each and every graft using the implanter pen. Dr. Turan uses an extraction specialist for his surgeries (his name is Mehmet, he has 9 years of experience, and uses a mix methodology of manual and micromotor extraction)


Dr Gur performs  the consultation and design, extraction and channel opening stage. The graft placement is done by his team. Dr Gur also has another package (more affordable) where the extraction is done by an extraction specialist trained by him.

Each doctor performs a maximum of 2 surgeries per day.

When assessing if a patient is a good candidate for a hair transplant or not, there are several factors that need to be taken into account, age, hair loss stage, usage of medication, donor area quality, etc. Our medical consultants will let you what is needed from your side for our doctors to perform a personalised assessment aiming to achieve the best possible outcome.

Every patient is different, but on average it takes around 3 hours to extract and implant 1000 grafts. Sometimes, depending on the number of grafts needed for a surgery, this will be performed in two consecutive days.

7 days before the date agreed for the intervention, anticoagulant and antiplatelet medication should be stopped including aspirin, sildenafil (Viagra), vardenafil (Levitra) and tadalafil (Cialis) or other sexual enhancement pills.

Also, alcohol, smoking and minoxidil shall stop being used 7 days before the surgery.

And don´t cut your hair.

Undoubtedly, you should only consider a list of guidelines to keep the area well maintained to ensure that the results of the implant are the desired ones.  The list of do´s and don´ts is provided to you with your aftercare package.

Hair transplant results are permanent and long lasting, however this will depend on the quality of your donor area. In most of the cases, the usage of medication such as finasteride and minoxidil which help to slow down / stabilise the hair loss is recommended and necessary to extend the positive outcome of a hair transplant surgery.

Each doctor has his own procedure to draw the hairline. In most of the cases, the Doctors will follow the rule of thirds (face is divided in three thirds, glabella to HL, glabella to pick of the nose and pick of nose to pick of the chin), this will allow them to find the mid central point of the hairline and then they adjust the design according to the patient’s facial structure.

It is always important to mention that an age appropriate design is always paramount for the doctors.

Theoretically, it can be done as long as the donor area can provide such numbers. However in practice we never perform surgeries with such a number of grafts. The reasons being;

In theory, no more than 33% of a donor area shall be extracted from a donor area in a single surgery. It is very unlikely that a patient has a donor area with 24000 grafts, so it is likely that the donor area will be overharvested.

Survival rate will be reduced, as all the implanted grafts will have to compete for the same nutrition. 

Wrapping it up, in a case where a patient needs 8000 grafts, we will always plan the hair restoration surgery in two different procedures separated by 12-15 months amongst each other.

The desired effect is a very subjective term. It is extremely important to have the right expectations regarding the outcome of a hair transplant surgery. This is something that the Doctors try to define before the surgery starts.

Then, if after setting up the right expectations the surgery outcome does not reach the expected outcome and the patient has followed all the instructions provided, the wrongly call guarantee will be applied.

We are committed to our patients whom did not achieve the desired results after one year (or 18 months if the hair transplant was done in the crown) of the intervention, provided that they have complied with the post-op indications and have sent the required photographs in the postoperative follow-up.

We require our patients to strictly follow our post-surgical indications and send the photographs on the indicated dates (days 5, 10, 15 and 30, as well as 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 months) to make this guarantee valid.

The patient must acknowledge that around 15% of all hair in the scalp are at resting or telogen phase. Thus, the patient can only observe around 85% of all the transplanted hair at one time.

If more than 20% of the transplanted follicles show no sign of growth after 12 to 18 months, FUECAPILAR will perform a revision surgery.

We do have a waiting list in case we face any cancellation for both of our Doctors.

In the waiting list we have two different type of patients:

Patients that have booked their surgery on a later date with deposit paid.

Patients who did not book their surgery.

The patients in the first group have priority over the patients in the second group. And the priority amongst the patients in the first group is their booking date.

If you want to proceed with the booking, the process goes as follows:

1) Choose an available date

2) Please fill in the health form that needs to be approved by Dr. Turan / Dr. Gur

3) Once the form is approved, we will pre-reserve the date and I will send you the deposit payment link.

4) Then you have 3 days to pay a 500€ deposit to finalise the booking

You need to check in your luggage on your return flight, as we will provide some products that are greater than 100ml and you cannot bring them on hand luggage. There is no document that can be prepared from our side which will make the products eligible to be brought on board.

We want our patients to stay in our designated hotels to be able to provide the best experience in terms of transportation and ongoing support during the days of the surgery. You should stay in our hotel from the day before the surgery until the day of your wash. But, if you want to book another hotel for the days before the surgery and/or after the surgery there is no issue from our side.

We don´t do any type of discounts, however, if you come in a group it may be possible to cover some additional nights to make in your package, but this will depend on the number of grafts needed, etc.

Our Doctors recommend doing all the touristic activities prior to the surgery. This does not mean that you cannot sightsee after undergoing a hair transplant surgery, but it is very important to understand that you have thousands of incisions in your head (both donor and recipient area) and the more you rest the better.


Swelling, sweating, exposure to sun, damage provoked by impact on public transport or other people are likely to happen hence our doctors’ recommendation.

You will buy from the pharmacy around our clinic. You just need to let us know in advance what you want, so we can arrange it in a timely manner. We will accompany you to the pharmacy to purchase them.

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