FUE + Implanter Pen

Follicular Unit Extraction by Dr Turan’s team

In order to increase the follicular unit survival rate, Dr. Dogan Turan and his team follow certain medical and non-medical practices.

Hybrid FUE extraction method using manual and motorized punch

Dr. Turan´s team uses a hybrid extraction method where both manual and micro-motor punch are used. 

Manual punch allows for a better understanding of tissue resistance and the location/angle of the follicle. It also helps to decrease follicular damage associated with heat, torsion and friction created by motorized devices. 

Motorized FUE helps to extract more follicular units per hour resulting in reduced time and a reduction in fatigue.

Appropriate punch size

During the consultation, donor hair samples are taken and the hair thickness is calculated so that the relevant punch size (between 0.7mm and 0.9mm) can be determined according to the patient’s hair caliber. 

By using the right punch size, we aim to prevent any permanent harm in the donor area, not only to the graft extracted but also the surrounding grafts that are not being extracted (a.k.a transection). 

Extraction and implantation in stages

Dr. Turan and his team perform the extraction and implantation in stages (in 2-3 stages) to ensure that the grafts do not stay outside of the scalp for a long time (which is directly related to the graft survival rate again). 

In one of the earliest and most qualified studies on follicular units (1992), they recorded the following survival rates at different times:

  1. 2 hours: 95% graft survival rate
  2. 4 hours: 90% graft survival rate
  3. 6 hours: 86% graft survival rate

Microscope usage for single hair follicle selection:

In addition to this, to ensure the creation of a natural hairline, during the implantation phase, we use a digital microscope to select the 1-hair follicles to be used on the hairline.


Implantation stage by Dr Turan

Implanter Pen Technique (a.k.a. Choi Pen Technique is the implantation of the harvested grafts into the recipient area by using the implanter pen. 

The implanter is a pen-like instrument with a hollow needle on one of its ends. The follicular units are implanted one by one directly into the transplant area in a specific direction, angle and depth.

The use of the implanter pen provides channel incisions and deposit stages at the same time, which results in decreased trauma and blood loss during the transplant. Decreased trauma might mean faster healing and significantly higher graft survival rate.

By using the implanter pen to implant the follicular units, they are implanted one by one directly to the transplant area, the advantages of this technique:

  • Incision holes (channel opening) are not required, hence:
    • The transplant area bleeds less and heals faster.
    • There is less trauma in the scalp.

  • Since the tip of the implanter is very thin (0.7 – 1mm), the surgeon can:
    • Open smaller channels which provide a higher density. 
    • Adjust the pen in different angles, which allows a natural appearance.
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