Case 7

We would like to present below a case of a patient with a progression to Norwood Va. You can find below the details of the surgery.

Patient Details

Norwood: Norwood V
Surgical Plan: Hairline reconstruction, density increase in the frontal and fronto-temporal, mid scalp and crown. The surgery was performed in two consecutive days with 4 sessions of extraction and implantation . The donor area of the patient was reduced in surface area due the affection of the lower crown, hence 633 graft were extracted from the beard and implanted in the mid scalp and crown.
Patient´s age: 36 years old.
Patient was using finasteride prior to the surgery and he added oral minoxidil in the last 6 months.
Hair Thickness: 64 microns in the parietal areas and 70 microns in the occipital area.
Hair Type: caucasian, dark and coarse hair
Number of Grafts Implanted: 4072
0.8mm micromotor and manual punch were used for the extraction.

Grafts Breakdown

1s: 866

2s: 1665

3s: 792

4s: 116

Overall hair/graft ratio: 2.04

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